With an ability to “look outside the box” George Murphy is able to identify and solve key points of contention to help people in dispute find a path to fair and final resolution.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

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George Murphy has been a practicing attorney for over 40 years, handling a wide variety of civil cases. In 2007 he received intensive mediation training from the renowned mediation trainers, Dana Curtis and Richard Birke, to become certified for handling mediations for the California Court of Appeal in the State Capitol of Sacramento. Since then George has successfully handled a multitude of meditations involving all types of civil disputes. In 2019 George was certified to conduct mediations in accordance with Texas law after receiving training at the University of Texas Law School, Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution. As a practicing attorney George Murphy has been involved in countless meditations and settlement conferences.

A skill George developed early in his career as an attorney Court of Appeal, and as an appellate lawyer in private practice, is to quickly apprehend the unique facts and law of a particular matter and see the issues from all perspectives. That skill set, combined with an ability to “look outside the box” lends itself well to identifying and solving key points of contention to help people in dispute find a path to fair and final resolution. The parties in dispute typically realize that George genuinely cares and understands their point of view and they find it easier to let him help them find common ground to a satisfactory resolution. Parties on both sides of a dispute will often say something to George like “you get it!”

If the parties do not reach a settlement and wish to obtain a decision on the merits without going to trial, the parties can agree to have George serve as their arbitrator.

George Murphy Serves In The Following Roles:

    -Online Mediator
    -Online Arbitrator

Types Of Disputes George Murphy Has Been Involved In:

    -Civil Litigation
    -Construction Defects
    -Contracts of all types
    -Legal Malpractice
    -Mass Torts
    -Medical Malpractice
    -Personal Injury
    -Police Liability
    -Products Liability
    -Professional Fee Disputes
    -Professional Liability
    -Public Agency Liability
    -Real Estate
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